Who can apply?

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to apply! Preference will go to those who are active in community bio, but you need not be a super experienced member of the community if you have enthusiasm to take back what you learn to wherever you’re from. We’ve had high school students attend and get charged up and go back and organize great things in their communities, so don’t let age be a barrier. We have travel support, so don’t let finances be a barrier. We are committed to being an inclusive conference, so if you have a passion for community bio and want to attend please apply and let us know how we can help you get here!

What if i want to volunteer?

Email the Bio Summit organizers at organizers@biosummit.org and be sure to include in your subject line: "Volunteering for the 2019 Bio Summit."

When can applicants expect to be updated on their status?

We will be sure to notify applicants promptly so that they can prepare for the summit if accepted. All applicants will be notified by July 22nd, but we will be accepting people on a rolling basis particularly where visa letters are required.

How many people will be accepted to attend the summit?

The Bio Summit is a relatively small event, 2018 had 350 applicants accepted out of 450 applicants. The size of the event will remain similar this year, but application numbers keep going up!

If I was accepted last year, will I be accepted this year?

Applicants are accepted based on the perceived impact to the global community bio community, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll be re-accepted for this year’s event. If you went back to your local community and had an impact as a result of last year’s Bio Summit make sure to talk about that in your application!

Will there be travel expense support?

Yes, we are only providing travel expense funding to participants with significant financial hardship. More information on how we will determine who receives a travel award can be found in the travel award section of our application.

What if I can’t afford the registration fee?

The registration fee is optional. All accepted participants have the option of waiving the fee. If you can afford it, though, please pay it! Your support will help provide travel support to those who could not otherwise attend.

What meals will be provided?

The meals provided are the following: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner on Friday, Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner on Saturday, and Breakfast & Lunch on Sunday. We will provide various options meeting different dietary restrictions, so please make sure to mention your requirements in the application.

Should I present? What should I present?

All attendees are encouraged to present a very short (1 slide) introduction to themselves and their community, this is called “Hello World” and are one of the ways this conference builds community, some pictures of last year’s presentations are at https://www.biosummit.org/hello-world-1-1

Longer presentations, workshops, and hands-on labs are highly encouraged. All of our programming is developed by the attendees so think about what you do that others could learn from and get ready to hear amazing things from your colleagues around the world!

When should I arrive and leave?

The conference is October 11-13, no meals or formal programming exist outside of that time, but in past years attendees have organized tours to local bio businesses and community spaces and have met in smaller groups on the day before and after the conference.

Where should I stay?

The application has information on this and asks if you would prefer to book your own hotel or airbnb, or be matched with roommates from the conference at a local hotel or airbnb, there are also a few opportunities for couch surfing with local members of the community.

What should I bring?

Just yourself and your excitement for the community, at a minimum! If you are doing a hands-on lab, materials to make that work (all hands-on activities will need to be cleared in advance to make sure that they comply with MIT biosecurity guidelines). There is also a party on the Saturday of the conference that people have often brought fabulous bio-themed costumes to, but that’s by no means required. Various labs have brought surplus materials for an equipment exchange. There is discussion of a plasmid exchange this year. There is also a table where people leave out their lab stickers and other fun material.