abdul hadi abro

Abdul Hadi Abro is pursuing his BS (Hons) in Genetics from University of Sindh, Pakistan. He is currently carrying out research on the following multiple topics; Usage Lignocellulosic Biomass to treat Industrial Waste Water, Isolation and Identification of Polyethylene Degrading bacteria & Isolation of novel molecules from traditionally used homeopathic plants and mass-producing them into low-cost drugs. He has always had a knack for delving deep into biology. He follows his passion by continuously testing and learning from varied fields ranging from Biology to Engineering, he is also interested in Arts & Music. He was a part of Pakistan’s first iGEM team in 2016, where he learned and developed his skills and planned for the future of Synthetic Biology in Pakistan.

Abdul Hadi founded AbroBios® at the start of 2017 with an aim to infuse the Citizen Science culture in Pakistan. With a diversifying team of over 40 people (all of whom are undergraduates from varying fields) Abdul Hadi is working towards creating SynBio programs for high schoolers and for the general public as well. AbroBios® is working on several research projects; Cancer, Tuberculosis, Lab-on-a-chip, Hydroponics Systems & DIY-Molecular Biology Kits. AbroBios® currently has a workspace of 3600 ft2 being developed into one of the most productive workspace for Biohacking in Pakistan.

Being a teacher, Abdul Hadi loves to teach and interact with people and organizes workshops for hands-on trainings in Molecular Biology and teaches Biology at several different institutes.