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amrit puri

Amrit currently works at Karkhana, which is an education company and makerspace with a unique approach to learning. It is one of the few innovators in education in Nepal, where they focus on learning and not teaching.

Previously, he has worked as a software developer at Cloudfactory. With an aspiration to be a part of change in education system, he joined Teach for Nepal as a fellow and taught Science in grade 6,7,8,9 in a public school in rural Nepal. Amrit was always interested in do-er based learning myself and learnt most of what he knows by doing. He tried integrating project based and experiential learning in his Science classes, wherever, however possible. But the obligations to teach based on the conventional curriculum ‘to get good marks’ gave him very limited space to test the learning approach.

He joined Karkhana, so as to be a part in this innovation in education. Through Karkhana, they are not only building better schools, but also showing an alternative to school, so that school leaders, people in government and parents will someday believe in deschooling, believe in non-credential learning space so that the children can learn what they want and not what others want them to learn.

Through Bio Summit, Amrit is expecting to learn and know more about projects and ideas that exist in Bio sector, about bio enthusiasts who are working towards simplifying complex concepts and people who are researching ways to make those concepts accessible to the community. At Karkhana, the focus is on creating activities that can be taken to class, that are no more than 15 minutes, that are dry. They are looking to explore activities into Bio sector, but they have been struggling because most of the activities tend to be ‘wet’ ones. So, at Bio Summit, he believes he will be bombarded with lots of interesting and innovative ideas that he can bring back to Karkhana, think and improve on it and take them to the classes.