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beno juarez

"Pioneer in Digital Manufacturing Technologies in Latin America and one of the most creative young minds focused on solutions with high social and environmental impact from Latinoamerica" (IDB 2015).

Architect, graduated with EXCELLENCE title at the National Engineering University (2003) with a Diploma of Specialization in Digital Manufacturing Fab Academy 2009 (directed by Neil Gershenfeld) and Synthetic Biology Bio Academy 2015 (directed by George Church).

Founder and director of the first Fab Lab of South America (UNI, Lima, 2010) and the Latin American Network of Fab Labs (FABLAT 2011). Winner of the National Award for Eco-efficiency / Young Entrepreneurs (Ministry of Environment, Peru 2017) for the Fab Floating Amazon project: "The most disruptive project in the world on sustainable manufacturing and climate change for Amazon conservation" (UN 2015).