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brendan lehman

Brendan Lehman is a neuroscientist and media artist based in Toronto, Canada. Their work applies a background in consciousness research to open source interactive media practice and exploring their emergent connections while remaining critical of their implications. Biodata-driven game development, interactive installation, event curation, and arts not-for-profit governance all aim to create contexts of togetherness at any distance. Brendan's neuroscience work exploring non-locality and brain activation during immersive video game play has been presented at The Science of Consciousness conference, A MAZE. // Berlin, and published in a number of journals, with press in CBC, VICE, and others. They organize a number of public events in and around Toronto that seek to capture how digital art brings people together and helps them connect in new and meaningful ways. Brendan is driven by their surrounding communities and ecosystems, and returns what they can to keep these environments sustainable and vibrant.