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liz baranes

Elizabeth is a senior in high school at Crofton House School in Vancouver, Canada. Learning about CRISPR at the Stanford Splash program in 2016 first sparked her interest in Synthetic Biology. She attended the Yale Young Global Scholars Biological & Biomedical Science program the following summer where she learned about cutting-edge research in Biology. Upon returning to Vancouver, she was determined to find other opportunities to further her understanding of and budding passion for Synthetic Biology. She was delighted to discover Open Science Network and has since had the fantastic opportunity of studying hands-on synbio with Scott Pownall at OSN along with a great bunch of citizen scientists! She was recently selected by the Canadian Institute of Health Research GRFAW program, to work as a Gene Researcher in Stephan Taubert’s lab (Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics) where she worked on Cancer research.