elizabeth tuck

Beth Tuck is the co-founder of the Capital Area BioSpace (CABS), a nascent DIYbio community in the Washington DC Metro Area. Her background is in molecular biology and genetics, and she realized early in her graduate training that traditional academic research often misses many diverse communities and people with creative ideas and personal passion projects. Motivated by the need for space for people to tinker, play, and learn biology through hands-on experiences and pursue innovative scientific questions and projects, she partnered with Richard Conroy and Tom Heiman to found CABS, currently operating out of the Nova Labs Makerspace in Reston, VA. By day, she is a Genomics Education Specialist contractor at the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) where she works on K-16 genomics education initiatives, including curricular resource and activity development, teacher professional development, and public/community engagement with science. Prior to coming to NHGRI, she taught high school biology and informal STEM education/youth development at a science center.