Emanuel Flores

My name is Emanuel Flores. I was born in Cancun, and currently living in Mérida, Yucatán. I'm a BSc student in Biotech Engineering at UADY. Moreover, systems and computational biologist at IIMAS-UNAM (located at the Yucatan Science and Technology park), anda rookie maker at FabLab Yucatán. Aditionally I'm a producer / DJ on my spare time.

My work at the Perez- Rueda Lab  is focused at understanding gene regulatory network of E. coli K12, and my current research is aiming at predicting physiological roles of hypothetical transcription factors inside a functional module. 


My research interests on a long term are the intersection between soft robotics/ microfluidics and synthetic and systems biology applied to biotechnology. 

Furthermore, I'm involved in setting up community biolab(the first in the Yucatán peninsula) at the Fab Lab Yucatán, for biohackers to come and make experiments, engage with the maker community, develop -sustainable- projects for local needs in the southeast of Mexico and contribute to the Latin America/ global biohacker network. We're also trying to organize and coordinate educational events like workshops, conferences and  research seminars, to promote the improvement of the life science's students academic level. Finally another of our goals is to invite citizens of other backgrounds to engage in biology and maker culture by doing fun and interactive activities in a Do-it-together fashion.