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faisal khan

Faisal is the cofounder and CEO of Peshawar 2.0, a social enterprise in northwest Pakistan that supports ideas and startups at the intersection of technology, design and art. He is also an Assistant Professor at CECOS University where he remained the founding director of the Institute of Integrative Biosciences and the PI of the SynBioKP project and the IGEM Peshawar 2016 and 2017 teams. Faisal is currently busy in several community projects including the development of a new hackerspace+incubator for biologists. His interests go beyond protein networks, genetic devices and biosensors and include bio-entrepreneurship, nascent innovation ecosystems, distributed innovation and the evolution of new markets around new technologies. Faisal earned his Masters and Doctorate at Oxford and serves as an advisor to both the provincial and federal governments on science and technology.