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Federico Muffatto

Federico Muffatto has been contributing to Entropy since 1987. Biotechnologist, researcher and entrepreneur with a passion for designing living things. He looks forward to planting a seed and
growing a house. He currently works at the intersection of wetware, software and hardware. He is founder of Digi.Bio, a startup harnessing microfluidics and AI to make biology programmable.
Prior to this he was working in the private R&D field on cyanobacteria metabolic engineering.

He is a Fellow of Waag Society where he’s been exploring the intersection of art, science and technology through projects such as DNA data storage, human/algae hybrids, microfluidics, bacterial inks, living materials and 3D bioprinting. He lead #microbiolab101, a weekly event for (micro)biological experimentation at Waag’s
openwetlab. Now he is continuing his DIYbio mission setting up, a new biospace in Amsterdam while working on bridging the digital and biological world though microfluidics and AI.
His interest lies at the intersection of biology, technology and society. What does happen when we open up biology? How is “ biology as a technology” going to shape our future? What happens when AI meets biology? These are some of the questions that brought him to Synthetic Biology, Digital
Biology and entrepreneurship.