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federico muffatto

Federico Muffatto has been contributing to Entropy since 1987.
Biotechnologist, researcher and entrepreneur with a passion for designing living things. He looks forward to planting a seed and growing a house. Currently working at the intersection of wetware, software and hardware along the way he founded Digi.Bio, a company harnessing microfluidics and AI to make biology programmable and Amsterdam Biolabs, a wild experimentation space in the heart of Amsterdam, exploring the intersection of art, science and technology. He is a Waag Society Fellow.
Prior this he worked in the R&D field on cyanobacteria metabolic engineering.
His interest lies at the intersection of biology, technology and society. What does happen when we open up biology? How is “ biology as a technology” going to shape our future? What happens when AI meets biology? These are some of the questions that brought him to Synthetic Biology, Digital Biology and entrepreneurship.