Ana Laura Cantera


Ana Laura Cantera is a bioelectronic artist who researches fungi communication through digital information in artistic projects. She has a Master degree in Electronic Arts at UNTREF (National University of Tres de Febrero/Argentina) and a  Bachelor degree in Fine Arts at UNA (National University of Arts). She is one of the foundress and researcher of Mycocrea -design with mycelium and being livings- at Instituto Baikal of Buenos Aires and of Biohacking-BA community.

She focuses on the co-creation concept in which tiny living beings modifies, determines and contributes the development of an artwork, as a way of­­­­ questioning and making a conceptual turning point in the anthropocentric thinking. She works with the transdisciplinary factors that are constituted as crucial in the moment to rethink these kinds of art projects as time passing by, the concept of ruins, disappearance, conditioning and death, the contextual determinism and the technological implications of new media. ­­Nowadays, she is working with territory resignification though poetic actions visualizing invisible information of the environment as pollution though a biorobot.

She has exhibited her bioartworks in Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, Israel, Iran, France, Spain and Mongolia and has received several recognitions and international awards.