Carolyn Angleton


A bioartist, researcher and experimental gardener. Affiliations: SacBioArts, an art/science studio & ARC-BAC, a synthetic biology and art collaborative. Carolyn Angleton is a sculptor, bioartist, researcher and experimental gardener. Her current work investigates how biological color is produced in plants and bacteria, and how color and variegation can be recorded, manipulated and synthetically designed. As an artist her work has been exhibited the US, Asia and Europe. She speaks and writes about the relationship between aesthetic desire and the potentials of synthetic biology. She’s interested in designing curriculum that integrates creative practices with research methodologies.

In 2016 Carolyn founded SacBioArts, an art/science studio, and is co-founder of ARC-BAC, a synthetic biology and art collaborative at American River College in Sacramento, CA. She is a member of the plant bio group at Counter Culture Labs in Oakland, CA Carolyn has taken part in Biosummit 1 and 2, and has been/is a member of the organizing committee for Biosummit 2 and 3. She helps lead the Co-evolutions committee, designed to document and share community bio events happening world wide.