Chan'nel Vestergaard


Chan’nel is the founder of Littlepinkmaker, a non profit company that creates non-formal educational workshops in educational settings for the general public and beyond. Littlepinkmaker has guest lectured at various educational providers,as well as kick start other bio-enthusiasts careers within life science. She has presented at Afer IGEM, IDA - Copenhagen, Barcelona maker faire and at various universities worldwide.

Chan’nel is the current chair for the community biolab Co-Lab,Copenhagen, which utilizes the bionetwork within Denmark to inspire everyone into science. Before Littlepinkmaker, Chan’nel was an intern at Copenhagen Fablab, she is 100% self taught in all areas of science, textiles and digital fabrication tools.Chan’nel faced many challenges whilst a teenager which influenced her career later on as an adult, however, she now is a torch bearer for open sourced education and non formal education, with a speciality in materiality and sustainability.

With her own personal goal to open up a facility dedicated to people like herself with the aim of education, career guidance and demystifying science for all.Chan’nel’s current research is based around biomaterials, with an open source project launching in the near future to engage learning anywhere, and in anyplace using local waste materials.