David Chaupis-Meza


D’Chaupis is a freelance researcher in computational neuroscience and biotechnology; currently, he works on regenerative medicine by designing nutraceutical products and low-cost DIY scaffolds to artificial tissues, for instance, human skin in burn wounds. Also, he works in computer science using molecular dynamic models to evaluates new ligand targets to brain ischemia neuroprotection. He is a CTIO & Co-Founder of BioGeniaLab and one of the leaders in biotechnology from Latin America by Allbiotech (2017, the first generation).

One of his main vision is connecting disruptive community labs in a great latin-ecosystem network based on a cultural integration model by bringing together: science, art, technology, and social entrepreneurship. In this latter project, known as the Red FestiLab, he believes that it is possible empowering our society with activism of citizen participation making open access festivals. Moreover, he is an active biohacker whose explorations involves bioart like the synthesization of molecular sounds in algorithmic music and one project of citizen science like the immersive muralism of 3D molecules by using augmented reality (www). These are his developments on open science to impulse the democratization of knowledge.