Georg Tremmel


Georg Tremmel has a background in Media Art, Computer Science and Biology, he studied Media Art at the University of Applied Art in Vienna and Interaction Design at the Royal College of Art in London. He is currently a Researcher at the University of Tokyo's Laboratory of DNA Information Analysis, a Visiting Researcher at the metaPhorest Art & Science Research Group at Waseda University and the founder of Tokyo's first BioHacker Space - the BioClub Tokyo.

Georg also started together with Shiho Fukuhara the Artistic Research Framework BCL as an homage to Heinz von Foerster's Biological Computer Laboratory, to continue the mission to explore the relations, congruences and differences of biological and cultural codecs through artistic interventions and social research.

Georg has been a local organiser of the BioHack Academy - a collaboration with the Waag Society of Amsterdam to bootstrap a biolab with a fablab. He also organises the yearly 'BioMatsuri' at the 'Mirai Summer Camp' in Tokyo to

In 2018 he co-organised the BioCamp - Gardens of Biotechnik - to bring over 25 artists, designers and scientists from South-East Asia for a 8-day workshop to Tokyo, and he currently serves as a Jury Member of the Art Section of the Japan Media Art Festival.