Harry Akligoh


Harry Akligoh is a researcher with the Open Bioeconomy Lab and technical associate at Kumasi Hive in Ghana. He trained as a professional biomedical scientist and worked for a year in the clinical diagnostic sector in Ghana. Harry is currently mobilizing the open science community in Africa through the Africa Open Science Hardware Summit (Africa OSH) to democratize the use and adoption of DIY Bio/community bio to drive biology research necessary for harnessing the power of Africa's biotechnology industry in education and research. His research with the Open Bioeconomy Lab focuses on understanding the molecular biology reagent accessibility issues in Africa and exploring business models around the local bio-manufacturing of these enzymes as an alternative for creating an open, sustainable and equitable bio-economy in Africa.

Harry before getting more involved in molecular biology research and innovation using OSH principles as a model was leading a student organization that was democratizing STEM education in Ghana by organizing hack sessions for primary school kids in Ghana which he currently does with the Prac-Science Lab in Kumasi, Ghana. Currently, Harry’s work involves a part-time consultancy with the Africa Health Innovation Centre (AHIC) as a research fellow.