Henry Tan


Henry Tan is an artist based in Bangkok, Tan use performance and installation to investigate relationship between subjects and explore its micro view in personal aspect in related to macro view from Nation state with their citizens and Geopolitic in Neocolonial context. Tan currently research on Belt and Road Initiatives and Geoeconomic between China and South East Asian and South Asian countries.

Henry Tan is a co-founder of Tentacles, art initiatives based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Tentacles is an art initiative founded in 2014. Tentacles focus on providing platform for emerging and experimental creative practitioners by hosting regular exhibitions and residency program for artists and researchers looking to spend time in Bangkok, to focus on their practices, as well as engage with local communities. Tentacles also act as a venue for collaboration and exchange of ideas in the wider social and cultural fields, by organising events such as seminars, artist’s talks, film screening.