Isabel Pochet


Isabel Pochet is a Ph.D student at the Pontificia Universidad Católica (Chile). She has a bachelor’s degree in Biology at Universidad de Carabobo (Venezuela) and currently, she is about to get her Master in Biological Sciences at the Pontificia Universidad Católica.

She researches about plant associations with nitrogen-fixing bacteria (NFB) using bioinformatics, genetics and molecular tools. She wants to understand what are the signalling pathways and molecular mechanisms that allow non-leguminous plants to establish beneficial associations with rhizobacteria and other NFB. Isabel has participated in several educational and science communication initiatives in Venezuela and Chile. She also started a personal science communication project which aims to deliver friendship, high quality and accessible science information to Spanish speakers. Her main interests focused on the use of familiar tools to spread science, to make science accessible to everyone and to engage teens and youngers in biology topics.