Isis Eich


Isis Eich works in the R&D of biotech products. She is a specialist in Biotechnology, Bachelor in Science and Technology, futurist and entrepreneur who has been engaged in the educational community, TV program production, as well as developing and promoting citizen science for more than a decade in both public and private spaces.

Her areas of expertise are Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, with a special interest in CRISPR and De Novo Synthesis. A Polymath, she also holds a degree in Strategy in Foreign Trade, focusing on technology transfer. Co-founder and science director of two American biotech startups: Portunus and Solarpunk Labs, as well as head of Iearth Ventures and Portunus Brazil; consultant of Genobank, a biotechnology Blockchain company based in San Francisco (CA); in addition to collaborating with the development of technologies for personalized medicine; and group orientation in projects aimed at product development in Biotechnology. She is also the head of the “Cores do Brasil” (Colors of Brazil) campaign, a nation wide project about genome sequencing and the privacy of biodata while aiming to map Brazilian ancestry. All the biological info will be owned by the donor of the sample and will be handled through the Blockchain.