Janette Edson


Janette Edson had small beginnings, growing up in a tiny town in rural Queensland, Australia. From there she's journeyed through the dawn of genomic era - sequencing wallabies, developing new DNA identification methods for forensics, studying the genetic secrets in long dead creatures, using genetics to understand the mind and most recently, how to software engineering and genetics may be integrated.

In light of seeing how many questions there are, and how limited academia can be, Janette started looking outside of the traditional research environment for ways to do science and to get like minds together. Janette is a bit of a tinkerer, and was looking for a way to do creative science outside the confines of traditional academia.

Having discovered the incredible world of community biology in 2016, Janette is now on a mission to establish a biohacking community in Brisbane, Australia and see science taken to the next level in her local community. As well as a passion for genetics, Janette loves all things creative - music, art, writing, cooking. Also a bit of green thumb and passionate about nature. Janette hopes to help the community biology prosper, and the lines between art, science and society blur.