JJ Hastings


J.J. Hastings’ research explores self-experimentation, genome editing, machine learning and the future intersections between tech and the human body. She has long-standing roots as a biohacker (2009)—having co-founded two community labs, London Biohackspace and Melbourne’s BioQuisitive—and now has the first garage lab start-up in Australia to be approved by the OGTR to work with genetically modified organisms. J.J.’s involvement in BioSummit began with running workshops at BioSummit 1.0, then served as part of the Organisation Committee in for BioSummit 2.0, and is now part of the Leadership Committee for the Global Community Bio Fellows Programme and Organising Committee for BioSummit 3.0.

J.J.’s artwork has been exhibited at venues across Europe, India, Asia, North America, and Australia. J.J.’s career in scientific research spans over 15 years. She is alumna of New York University, Harvard University, the University of Oxford, and Central Saint Martins with advanced degrees in Biology, Bioinformatics, and Fine Art. Her research fuses and folds together the fields of machine learning, bioengineering, space exploration, new media art, and ethics. In 2018, she served as Mission Specialist on a Lunar analogue mission, and in 2019 commands a Mars analogue mission on a decommissioned Air Force base in Poland.