Linda Guamán


My name is Linda Guamán, microbiologist and passionate about using bacteria as cell factories. Experienced in engineering Prokaryotes using synthetic biology and metabolic engineering approaches; with an emphasis in using biomass and different renewable carbon sources to produce high-value compounds. As a researcher, I have worked in three different countries and languages collaborating in multicultural teams. For my Ph.D. thesis, I improved xylose uptake and P3HB accumulation in B. sacchari, aiming to use the xylose from sugarcane bagasse to produce P3HB, a biopolymer which can replace plastic made from petroleum. I also collaborated in engineering E. coli to produce branched chain fatty acids, which are similar to the molecules from gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel, during my internship at Washington University in St. Louis. CUrrently, I am working in engineering a probiotic yeast to produce butyrate to assess its effect in the gut and colon.