Mar Alzamora


Musician, sound artist, writer, educator, and cultural manager. Advocate of transdisciplinary arts, new music and sound studies. For her, the creative practice is the deepest and most transformative vehicle to build a community, so she organizes thematic soundwalks, community Open Mics, creative writing workshops and has also tailored many cultural and artistic projects overtime including orchestras, chamber ensembles, festivals and international exchange programs. She is a published writer and her work can be found in many anthologies worldwide.

Co-founder of Itsmeña Youth Symphony Orchestra, Paisaxe Chamber Ensemble, ArtTIC Electronic Arts Festival and co-coordinator of Ars Amandi International Poetry Festival. Since 2013, she is part of the artivist group El Kolectivo. She has also served as adviser, cultural liaison and coordinator for several institutions such as U.S Embassy in Panama, L'Alliance Française de Panama and the Panamanian Chamber of Books.

At the moment, she is teaching young minds the power of music and language. She is certified in the Deep Listening®, Nada Yoga and broadcasting. She holds a BA in Music (Arizona State University) and a Master's Degree in Sociocultural Animation and Community Development.