Masato Takemura


Masato Takemura. Managing FabLab in Hamamatsu-city, Japan since 2014. Took the global course of Digital Fabrication by FabFoundation, “FabAcademy” in 2014. In 2016, took the course of BioAcademy. He has long experience on FabLab community and collaboration workshop with local government. Teaching soldering, programming, 3D-printing, 3D-modeling. He is helping for setting up a new FabLab in Hamamatsu science museum and Rwanda. He is trying to add a bio experimental facilities in the labs for education.

He has developed some agricultural tools because his FabLab is located in agricultural area and have relation with farmer. Field monitoring system by drone, Auto steering system for tractor, Sampling machine of bacteria on the crops, Weeding robot in the rice field. As a next project, He is trying to grow mushroom for 2 years but never succeeded.