Muhammad Hassan Raza


Hassan is a biotech-aspirant, biomarker, and a marathoner. His research is focused on genome engineering, open-source microfluidics, and development of novel therapeutics and diagnostic systems using interdisciplinary approaches based on synthetic biology, and molecular biotechnology. He is Pakistan Futures Health Security Fellow for 2018 at Health Security Partners. He was a member of the iGEM team Peshawar for 2017 and worked on the development of a bioreporter fish for detection of heavy metals in freshwater.

He co-founded Codon Corps; a community lab in Islamabad, Pakistan where he and his team are involved in a diverse range of activities on the edge of engineering and biology. These include but are not limited to bioinspired robotics, bioprinting, wiring circuits for measuring biological activities at the nanoscale, DIY synthetic biology with the main emphasis on genome editing, and genetic designs. The lab also organizes several citizen science events on a regular basis.