Nieves Cubo


Nieves is a researcher, currently finishing her PhD at the National Research Council of Spain (CSIC) and at the Technische Universität of Dresden (TUD).

She researches in the field of human tissue regeneration through bioprinting, for exploratory missions (Moon and Mars), as well as for Earth applications (alternatives to animal experimentation, prosthesis, tissue engineering, etc). Along with her studies, she developed a low-cost DIY bioprinter able to create functional human skin. Since that moment, she started her own parallel path in the development of DIY tools and protocols to create basic and affordable equipment for research and clinics.

One of her ambitions is to connect and create synergies between academia, citizen scientist and biohackers. That is why she created, trying to create a community and a platform where all interested people, regardless of their affiliation or studies, can exchange knowledge, questions and scientific strategies to overcome the current limitations in the development of human tissues, a technology that must be accessible for everyone in the years to come.