Otim Geoffrey


Otim Geoffrey is the Founder and CEO of SynBio Africa, the first Synthetic biology community in Africa and the Founder of iGEM Makerere University Team, the first iGEM Team from East Africa to participate and represent the region at the Giant iGEM Jamboree in Boston, 2018.

The iGEM team worked on the plastic biodegradation project utilizing the plastic degrading genes discovered from the unusual bacteria Ideonella sakaiensis. Currently, the team aims to link this to a system that converts the byproducts of plastic degradation into biofuel.

The Synbio Africa team participated in the Biomaker Challenge competition sponsored by Open Plant Fund to develop a biosensor device that can detect the presence of Brucella abortus antibodies in milk.

Otim Geoffrey received the Synthetic Biology Biosecurity Fellowship from Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security to attend the SB.7 Synthetic Biology conference in Singapore in 2017, Global synthetic biology summit organized by SynbioBeta in San Francisco in 2018, and PGRIP Scholarship to attend the UN Convention on Biodiversity in Egypt, 2018.

Otim Geoffrey holds an MSc in molecular biology and Biotechnology, bachelor in medical laboratory science, Advanced Diploma in Health Management and Leadership, and a Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology.