Ravi Ramanathan


Ravi Ramanathan believes strongly that ‘bio’ is still waiting to be unleashed as a creative expression of and contribution from most people and democratizing access will be the key to its Cambrian explosion. Towards this, he is building tools and communities from South India where he is originally from and has now settled back in.

Ravi studied undergraduate industrial biotechnology from one of the top institutes in India. He then worked in several leading institutions in USA and Europe, doing cutting edge research in several areas including nanobiotech and protein sciences. His stay in Europe was funded through the prestigious Marie Curie Research Grants where he led several research projects in high performance computing, applying modelling and simulations for the study of protein nano-machines in order to understand and engineer them. He has moved back to India for the past three years where he has been working towards developing affordable point of care diagnostic solutions for decentralized healthcare. He regularly interacts with students and mentors them, acts as jury in several events such as biohackathons happening at the university ecosystem in South India. He is also very interested in entrepreneurship and works with several startups and entrepreneurs.