Thomas Mboa


Early in 2014, Thomas Mboa has been involved as a co-researcher in the SOHA Project (Open Science in Haiti and French-speaking Africa), in which he has acquired a strong experience in the field of Scholarly communication, Open access and Open Science. Due to his hacktivism, Thomas Mboa has received a Shuttleworth Flash Grant.

With his background in Biochemistry, Thomas Mboa thinks that DIYBio is a chance for Africa; if used in a fair manner as mentioned in his presentations during the two first editions of the MIT Biosummit (2017, 2018). That is why he is deeply engaged to promote DIYbio and democratize Biotechnology in Africa. Thomas community engagement in favor of DIYBio is visible through his own biohackerspace in Cameroon, the Mboalab.  Or, via Africa Open Science & Hardware network is co-leading, which aims to strengthen African stakeholders and catalyse grassroots innovation through Open Tech culture. By the end of May 2019, the AfricaOSH community will open the African Institute of Open Science and Hardware, with a focus on DIYBio and Biotechnology.