Xavier-Lewis Palmer


Xavier-Lewis Palmer is a biomedical engineering doctoral student at Old Dominion University, which is located in Norfolk, Virginia. He has a strong passion for regenerative medicine and policy, with experience and publications in MEMS, breast cancer, and tissue engineering research; the main focus of his doctoral work concerns the normal mammary microenvironment in relation to the suppression of breast cancer. His undergraduate research ignited and accelerated his exposure to a variety of interdisciplinary experiences between industry and the government, while his experiences participating in and working with community bio initiatives and startups, such as Biologik and minoHealth, continue to foster his appreciation for grassroots innovation and community engagement. These combined experiences also were and continue to be influential in shifting his focus to a more globally minded, interdisciplinary mix and application of engineering and biology. In between research and classes, he likes to mentor other students, offer consultation on projects, and participate in community bio initiatives to learn and further biotech engagement. He believes that in this ever complex world, one needs to remain immersed in technology whenever and wherever the innovation is occurring and try to get more people involved. Otherwise, we are all missing out on the fun.