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Fox Baudelaire

Fox Baudelaire (a.k.a. Christopher Aguirre) is a student of chemical biology at Brandeis University, currently serving as an undergraduate departmental representative for the program in Biological Physics. Before Brandeis, Baudelaire graduated from Bunker Hill Community College and had received a high school equivalency credential in Massachusetts. His research interests lie most broadly at the intersection of the physical and the biological sciences. Beyond his primary area of concentration, Baudelaire is interested in philosophy, trends in higher education, and international engagement in the advancement of science. Baudelaire aspires to become an educator abroad and an advocate for interdisciplinarity, mutual appreciation of the sciences and the humanities, minority representation in STEM, and global collaboration in scientific praxis. A newcomer to the DIY biology movement and to BosLab in Somerville, Baudelaire envisions biohacking as a call to bring science outside the bubbles of academia and industry.