francisco mosquera

Francisco Mosquera is undergraduate student of Biotechnology Engineering at Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas–ESPE (UFA-ESPE). In 2016, after being research assistant at his University's Microbiology Laboratory and IDgen, he developed a passion for working with microorganisms and molecular biology methods.

He is a founder member of PlanSeta which was created in an effort to fabricate dishware using mushroom mycelia. On the basis of this idea, they won the greencrowds category, at the INNOVATE2017, which is a crowfunding platform supported by The United Nations Development Programme. The campaign is going to be officially launched on September 20th, 2017.

As his integrating project III, Francisco has just finished an in silico study aimed to evaluate the possibility of using the A2a adenosine receptor as a biosensor for both caffeine and theobromine, based on receptor-ligand kinetics.

Francisco is also the leader of the Synthetic Biology Group of the UFA-ESPE, who have focused take part in IGEM2018, in collaboration with IDgen that is a private lab open for bio-enthusiasts as myself and the people in our SynBio group.