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Gilad Gome

I don't get a lot of opportunities to meet other biohackers, sometimes conferences are great to meet new people. My new friend Jonathan Breemhaar and I both gave talks at the Singularity University Warsaw conference, we are both into bioreactors and tissue culturing. We are now cross pollinating our labs with the others unique tips and techniques and hopefully he will be able to use my new bioreactor. Another reason is I have never been to Boston, the miLAB, where I work, was founded by Oren Zuckerman who got his phd at the media lab, it will be great to have a good reason to come visit, and get to know all the people I can only be inspired by all the way from Israel, (thank you internet). In general, I think it is important that the entire community will be aligned to more or less the same narratives and I would love to know from others how they are talking about it on TV and news, In a recent interview I was asked if DIY biologists cant make a virus that would wipe humanity, my answer:" "It's like one carpenter trying to build a palace, it's possible, but very unlikely" , I am interested how others feel about that kind of things. Further more I would love to see how other facilitators in DIY bio and lecturers work with their students. I our lab can become more known to others and that they may want to come and visit Israel and make things with us.