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goy chumchua

Biotechnology apply for human nature living with designed for better tomorrow is my goal.
I begins my carreer path by using the knowledge of biotechnoly to explore and dicovery of body machanism to understand why we alive and how we recover from xenobiotic attacked especially in brain.
The most difficult to understand about ours body is how brain work without rest.
How is some kinds of germ can passthrough blood brain barrier but medicine for Treatment is constricted.
I try to understand how body machanism work well by brain controled
I am using both biotechnology tool and computational neuroscience to explore brain wide machanism
My mains area is to discover and try to design the model of human living with harmonize with the nature. The question is Can we living well by brain remeditation training ie. music brain computer interface simulation, and find the solition of how fast that we can adapt with highly change in dynamic nature