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hammoutene caroline

As a mathematician and biomedical engineer, Caroline has a strong background in natural and applied sciences. Her interest in art, philosophy and society led her to co-found the NGO „[kat]alab - Initiative for open science, technology, art and free education“. She aims to facilitate a community biolab in Vienna, where people of different backgrounds help, inspire and learn from each other.
Throughout her career, Caroline spent time researching methods of actuarial reserves, fuzzy numbers, big data analytics of patients with severe heart diseases as well as mathematical modeling of the pyramidal neuron’s soma. Her programming skills were developed through building a graphical user interface for a medical device company and an automatic software testing tool for a biotech consulting and software company. She co-founded the NGO „Bioversum - Nature Inspired Systems“ promoting the study, imitation, and dissemination of nature’s designs. Caroline enjoys word play, inventing games and creative cooking.