hiroo komine

General Introduction

We are the simpoietic beings, mosaic-art work of the nature.  The truth is that we are all mutants, the part of the nature’s chemical orchestra, and the definitive distinction between species/gender/artifical-natural dichotomy is becoming lesser and lesser. 

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian Medicine that offers such a anatomical view with various apporaches to tackle/modify/hack the Life for the better.  The distinction of self and environment isblurring, but our notion of ourselves is still stucked in bias and fear.  Ayurhacker aims to focus more on material aspects of Ayurveda to collaborate with BIOHACKING community to:

1.     Share the knowledge of Ayurveda, that are more rooted on practical aspects, rather than “business oriented spiritualism.” 

2.     Trying to contribute to the Creation of the bottom-up/citizens participatory Medicine

3.     Challenge the biased notion of nature and human beings with current understanding of the Life.

Also, I do not feel too comfortable to claim my approach as “proper” commercialized Ayurveda with the emphasis on the “spiritual Healing Energy/etc,” where things are very preaching and lecturing.  While I hardly talk about Ayurveda outside the classical text contects,(thus do not discuss about chakra or spiritual energy as such), I myself is more comfortable with those who are outside of the main norms and am more attracted to things in the life off the main stream.   I see being honest and sincere to Life is the means to taste the juice of the Life and my main appoach is through Ayurveda and my trying in spreading it to the Bio-Hacking communities.    

Current Work

Hatai Clinic, s small private clinic that incorporated Ayurvedic Medicine since 1983, one of the pioneer in introducing Ayurveda in Japanese Medical practices, where the aim is to bring the authentic clinical related Ayurveda. 

Since 2008, upon my return from India, I have introduced Ayurveda Purificatory Treatment that requires 2~6 weeks of stay and carry out such treatment as Purgation, Enema, Head-Evacuation, etc.

Apart from my actual work in the clinic, I have been working to collaborate with Biohacking Community to create bottom-up type of citizens participatory So-It-With-Others type of medicine as Ayurveda offers many approaches utilizing what is around us.