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hugo caicedo

Hugo Caicedo is a creative strategist, healthcare scientist, systems architect, and cyberneticist. He serves as a practitioner, scholar, speaker, advisor, and mentor at both local and global organizations. With extensive experience in laboratory-based pre-clinical research for drug discovery (microfluidics and biopharmaceutical industry) and with more than 10 years of experience in digital medicine, Hugo leverages his multidisciplinary background in electronics engineering (B.S.), biosciences (Ph.D) -neurobiology, immuno-oncology, and metabolic disorders-, systems architecture (post-graduate), and stakeholder engagement to create healthcare initiatives that translate relevant science and technology into high-value partnerships and impactful solutions. A multi-award winner, Hugo was the recipient of MIT, Bogazicy University, Antalya University (Turkey) and Université Pierre and Marie Curie (France) pre-doctoral fellowships as well as a Harvard-MIT/HST post-doctoral fellowship. Hugo has multiple publications and has been invited to give many talks worldwide. During his free time, Hugo spends time with family, traveling, and dancing hip-hop, reggae and salsa.