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Ivana Brzonova

Ivana Brzonova earned Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at the University of North Dakota (2017) and M.S. in Environmental Biotechnology at the University of Technology in Graz, Austria (2012).
Main focus of her Ph.D. was development of functional materials from lignin. She found a biological way of lignin conversion into a pH responsive hydrogel which can be used as a antimicrobial coating or as a water/gas purification membrane.
During her M.S., Ivana’s research was focused on the enzymatic synthesis of catechol and phenolic acid functionalized chitosan nanoparticles for use in iron overload therapy.
Currently, Ivana is involved in an Open Insulin project and she is also a board member of Counter Culture Labs.
“I am supporting the Open Insulin Project since I am convinced that open access to medicine is a human right. I also believe that open source science would improve general development and scientific awareness on a global level.”