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jeff hsu

Hi, I’m Jeff! I realized early after MIT that I’m not suited to work for the wo/man, so I’ve been founding venture-backed startups, including two that exited, Vettro (NYC) and Maibo Media Seebar (Beijing). I’m currently in discovery mode for Elementri (Taipei/NYC).

I’ve also advised successful startups, but have realized that communities can be more fulfilling. Startups sometimes require tunnel vision, but exponential learning comes from serendipitous interactions at the intersection of different disciplines.

Recently, I’ve helped organize Biohackers Taipei. We’re a diverse group that collectively ventures within ourselves to discover the unique interplay of genes, microbes, and biochemistry that makes each of us an individual. We then combine that knowledge with systematic experimentation to optimize our health and performance.

If you see me, come talk to me! I’m a noob in the DIY Bio community, but I’m pretty approachable and completely interested in what you have to share.