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joan delgado

Human mind enraptures me. To understand its mysteries and play with them, I aim to work in the overlapping of cognitive neuroscience, computer science and biotechnology. Using synth biology and CS tools, my goals are to deepen the understanding of the human mind, and develop innovative projects that let us explore the possibilities of our minds. Understand creativity, curiosity, empathy and critical analysis, and build devices or techniques that let us enhance,

Student of Bio Academy HTGAA 2017, a seven-months synthetic biology program, launched by Harvard Medical School and MIT. Her final project proposed biosensitive tattoos able to detect hormones related to mental states like cortisol, and produce fluorescence in response. In October 2017, she founded In Situ DIY Community Lab, to spread the scientific fun. In April, I taught in a six-week molecular

biology course for synthetic biology at UTEC Peruvian University, as part of the training for the 2019 iGEM team. Accepted into two cool neuroscience short programs, Science Clubs Peru 2017 and Clinical Neuroscience Immersion Xperience of Stanford University in 2018, and now preparing to pursue a cognitive neuroscience undergraduate degree. Studying data science in Python and I am learning the fundamentals of neural networks. In July 2018, she joined the Neuroscience and Behavior Laboratory of UPCH, looking forward to develop exciting projects were she applies the marvelous tools of biotechnology and CS to delve into cognitive science.