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Karolina Sulich

I am passionate about molecular biology, recently I did my first plasmid isolation and plan to deepen my laboratory skills in the near future. I am excited about possibilities that biotechnology brings especially in terms of contemporary challenges such as climate change and pollution. I am thinking here about possibility to use of bacterias (Ideonella sakaiensis) to compost plastic or producing artificial meat on a large scale. In my work I use speculative design to imagine “unimaginable” futures. For example “Plantenstein” speculative design idea which represents an alternative energy source in the shape of a chloroplast bioprintable tattoo.
Currently, I am working with Stanisław Łoboziak (head of Copernicus Science Center bio lab) and Anna Chabuda from BrainTech on presentation of BCI Interfaces during Festival Przemiany (eng. Changes)- September 2018. I am also about to start working on a project with Vienna based bioartist Gunter Seyfried, results of our work will be displayed in January 2019 at Austrian Cultural Institute in Warsaw.
I often collaborate with Copernicus Science Center, and their mission is popularisation of science and education. I relate to their mission and share their conviction that engaging general public in scientific discoveries is extremely important. I choose to do that through art and writing (ex. I published interview with George Church).
As an artist I feel responsibility to educate myself and to be able to address relevant and current questions and scientific knowledge is crucial for that. My big goal is to be able to significantly contribute to science that is why I would am learning molecular biology. I believe that art and science can benefit from each other and that there is no need to choose one over the other. I will quote here Alfred North Whitehead who seeks to do away with the bifurcation altogether. “We may not pick and choose,” he says; we must develop an account of the world in which “the red glow of the sunset” and “the molecules and electric waves” of sunlight refracting into the earth’s atmosphere have the same ontological status.” .
During the summit I would like to get to know wider biotech community and learn from them about their work and recent developments in biologically oriented sciences. I wish to establish connections which can lead to international collaborations. On institutional level (researching keynote speakers and exhibitors for Przemiany Festival) as well as on the level of my artistic projects/research/development (looking for collaborators, inspirations, knowledge, learning opportunities). I would like to participate in workshops if there will be any.
After coming back to Warsaw I would like to organise open lecture at Copernicus Science Center which would be a summary of what I learned during the summit.
I am deeply convinced that participating in the summit will be great sharing and learning experience for me as well as it will put Poland on the map of global biotech community. I am aware that my application is late, but I didn’t know about existence of this event, despite me being so late I hope that you will consider my application favourably.