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laura olalde

Laura is a visual artist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She graduated in Fine Arts in painting and got in 2016 a Masters Degree in Electronic Arts. Her thesis research was based on sci-art coproduction. Since 2012, Laura has incorporated bioart practices to my work, working with bioluminescent microorganisms, etc. On 2012 she received a production grant for her project "Ophiodea", an interactive object that used several webcams to emulate a compound eye in an hybrid creature that looked like a starfish. . It was exhibited at Ljudmila Medialab, in Ljubljana, Slovenia for Interactivos’12 workshop, organized by Ljudmila Medialab, Medialab-Prado, and the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society.
Since 2013, Laura is part of PROTEUS, a sci-art collective formed with molecular biologists. They've been awarded for "Introversion Dogmatica", an interactive installation that shows the interaction between DNA and Histone proteins 10 millions times magnified through 3D printing models respect of the observed structures by X-ray crystallography. In October 2016, Laura participated in the City of Women Festival, in Ljubljana, Slovenia as the mentor of a project called "Mitochondrial Wall". At Ljubljana she also collaborated with the iGEM Team, Slovenia in their project "SoniCell". In March 2017, she attended GOSH 2017 in Santiango Chile.