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mar alzamora

Transdisciplinary artist, lecturer and cultural manager. Founder of “The Creative Space,” a project focused on the creative experience from sounds and literature. Founder and bassist of the Paisaxe Ensemble and bassist and voice in the post-rock band Amelia y la lluvia. Invited artist to the X Sonora Bienal Centroamericana / X Sonora (2016) with her proposal "Los que somos, los nosotros", based on the relationship between sound, the urban environment and memory. Her poetry and short films have won multiple awards and recognition. Co-founder of ArtTIC Electronic Arts Festival joined effort with Technological University of Panama. Certified instructor of Deep Listening and Nāda Yoga. She has been a consultant and coordinator of several projects and cultural institutions including the Embassy of the United States, Alliance Française, Panamanian Chamber of Books among others. This year she was accepted into the MA in Comparative Media Arts at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada). For more info: www.maralzamora.net