mary maggic

Mary 'Maggic' Tsang is an artist working at the intersection of biotechnology, cultural discourse, and civil disobedience. Her investigations challenge the role of creator and creation, the ethics of the postnatural product, and the neoliberal promises of science and technology. This pursuit has led her through many modes of exploration: from tropical rainforest research to documentary films that capture the motivations and philosophies of biotinkerers such as herself. Maggic's most recent project generates DIY protocols for hacking estrogen, demonstrating its biopolitical ubiquity and potential for mutagenesis, i.e. gender-hacking. Maggic has participated in a number of interdisciplinary residencies including HackteriaLab2014 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Ars Bioarctica Residency in Finland, and Interactivos?'16: Possible Worlds in Madrid and has exhibited for Ars Electronica and Transmediale. She holds a Bachelor of Science and Art (BSA) in Biological Sciences and Art from Carnegie Mellon University and is currently pursuing her masters in Media Arts and Sciences at MIT Media Lab, Design Fiction research group.