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meg mcshane

Devoted BioArt pedagogue and veteran historian of art and ecology collaborations. An itinerant Sharist, she joyfully works in transitional, post-Communist and post-conflict societies. Engaging communities in abandoned spaces, guerilla gardening, and invisible history monument building. Macro projects range from working with pollinator plant interactions to toxicology and waste management infrastructure projects. Currently researching artist/scientist CRISPR modifications of the polyphyletic Bosnian Lily, exposing complex political realities.
Working in places touched by armed conflict throughout the long 20th century, while doing serious work through philosophical studies of alea, or game moves based on chance operations. Perpetual meme generator for STEM opportunities for very young people across continental divides. Above all, a teacher with special emphasis on those who are first in their family to enter higher education, who lives to serve and serves to learn, while creating positive opportunities outside the system of genetic lotteries, in every sense, from biological to social.