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minerva castellanos

Minerva Castellanos is biotechnology engineer and biohacker, also iGEM alumni, working in synthetic biology, who has become an entrepreneur to build a new ecosystem to improve the bioeconomy in Mexico and Latin America.

She is the Co Founder of Scintia, a startup that facilitates the education and research in SynBio, providing innovative and affordable equipment, producing their own reagents as well as sourcing DNA.
She was selected as one of the 100 young biotech leaders of LATAM in 2017 by the organization Allbiotech, in which she´s collaborating for the 2018 summit. Minerva is currently an active member of DIYbio community in Mexico, and now she’s part of GOSH (Gathering for Open Science and Hardware) community.

She coordinated a bioart exhibition at Contemporary Art Museum of Monterrey last April. Minerva is passionate about biofabrication, and in her free time, she watches birds and brews fluorescent beer.