Nanthalak Jitnavasathien - Nantarak (Pim) Jitnavasathien.jpg

Nanthalak Jitnavasathien

I am a high schooler from CMIS in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where I study the sciences and art. After taking AP Biology, I became very interested in studying more about the subject, so I contacted a lab at Mahidol University for research experience. There, I was placed as the leader and the sole member of Thailand's potential first iGEM team, working on making a paraquat detecting device for plants and soil. It was very difficult for me to find the knowledge I needed for the project, as I did not gain much in depth information from my high school courses. However, I was still able to investigate paraquat properties and promoter needs, allowing me to successfully find and test effectiveness of the solution that I designed. Being at this lab has shown me the connections between biology and art, something that I hope to further explore at this Summit.