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niek d'hondt

Niek is biotech lab technician and a science communicator working in different fields of the discipline. He co-founded ReaGent, the first DIY biolab in Flanders, Belgium. Here, anyone can discover,  research & experiment with modern biology. 
Out of ReaGent, Ekoli was born. A non-profit aimed at transforming science education, Ekoli develops new science activities for kids of all ages and underprivileged groups.Ultimately, the content is taught to teachers so they can bring it in their classrooms. Anyone interested in any of the steps is free to collaborate.Expertise gained from these two organizations allows Niek to help researchers, institutions and businesses to translate the abstract and complex into any format, aimed at any group. He offers workshops, consultancy and project work under the communication collective Break it Down.

Apart from all the bio stuff, Niek is also a filmbuff, with a particular interest in horror.  Niek is also a fervent board gamer with a bucket list of games he wants to design and tries to do some drumming in between all the rest as well. He'll talk to you very enthusiastically about any of the above, so come say hi!