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noa machover

Noa Machover is an undergraduate at Brown University studying urban and environmental planning and design. Her interests are in community organizing, political ecology, and the transformative potential for art and design to help us envision and create new futures. Prior to transferring to Brown, Noa attended MIT for two years, where she studied architecture. While at MIT, Noa worked as an Undergraduate Research Assistant on the Organic Primitives project with the Tangible Media Group at the MIT Media Lab. She developed design application scenarios and a microfluidic system to perform logical operations with the organic primitives. Last summer, Noa interned with the architecture and planning firm, Oualalou + Choi in Paris, France. With O + C, she helped to build and install a public installation at the Pantheon in Paris. This summer, Noa is a fellow with the Providence Department of Parks and Recreation. Noa is also the co-founder of an online art magazine, Okay Magazine. Okay Magazine is committed to providing platforms for artistic production for traditionally underrepresented (i.e. young, queer, people of color, etc.) creators, as well as investigating the potential of digital spaces to foster community building and discussion.